Twenty Five 

How do I even begin to formulate my thoughts - it's been sometime since I last collected them. Let me take a moment to reflect on where I am. Now. Here and present. Looking for the words that embody these emotions that have shaped to where I find myself. A lot harder than I thought.... Continue Reading →



Too Dramatic, too ecstatic, too young, too psychotic, too loud, too independent, too free, too unapologetic. Too many times I've been too many things. But never enough to be, the only thing that brings, together, the too many pieces that are too big to place in the small boxes, too defined. Into too many expectations... Continue Reading →

Pillow Talk

It takes more than just looks to turn heads, the same way it takes more than just beauty to feel beautiful. It's more than just acknowledging existence to feel alive, the same way it takes more than just words to hear a lie. All this effort put into something, with little to no action. It... Continue Reading →

That Word 

I hate that word. Spoken, written, felt With so many connotations Hidden interactions Infinite conditions But. I crave that word. That interaction. Twice felt, Once complete. It's the opposite of an emptiness That's vastly misunderstood Without it, isn't a void With it, isn't a fulfillment. It just, is. And it's beautiful. Once experienced, A spiritual... Continue Reading →


Let's back track Towards authenticity  Back to  Geniunity Away from  The bullshit that surrounds this air  Keep your pride in line  And steer clear of the ego Humility.  Such as is it is,  A naive concept  Embodied with  Good intentions  Understood Only to understand.  Let's not pretend  It is what it isn't  Give it way ... Continue Reading →


Enough of the small talk, Simple minds And empty gestures Enough of the compliments Strung with motive Poured all over me Suffocating energy Enough of being wasted Time and mind Reflected on Meaningless endeavors Give me life in each breath As we speak thoughts embodied with passion Forget the path of least resistance Paved with... Continue Reading →

Secret Hide Out

The secret hide out Where my thoughts go To plant the seeds of the unknown Withering from life and all its control On the trophy case is where I display My worse moments till date Collecting dust Waiting for Rehabilitation Thrown in storage till we move To a better place When you ask for their... Continue Reading →

Bright Eyes

Eyes bright As they outshine this world Excited for what’s to come Undetermined, and all Give way for hope Give way for optimism Preaching the words Spoken from somewhere You live your life Searching for more Trying to cure an appetite You’re no longer hungry for The depth of your passion Stems from lack of... Continue Reading →


I, The center of mass that holds together All of these thoughts The friction between each beat pumped through My arteries, flowing softly onto my fingertips Creating presence amongst the present In action, non-reactive I, The body that holds this life together Connected from limb to limb Exhausting words into the air as I breathe... Continue Reading →

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