What’s in a Blog? But a thought reoccurring…

Beginning a piece is much like deciding where to make the incision when performing a critical surgery; you must start slow, precise and effective. But once you’re in it, you have to just keep going with the flow until it’s all sewn up neatly and able to function.

I always thought art was only in forms of drawing, painting or the like; until I discovered the art of words. From calligraphy to poetry to the first edition English Dictionary by Dr. Samuel Johnson, words are an expression of thought, self and perception. So what better way to express oneself than a blog?

Yes, I’m an English student granted I should have some sort of writing ability – but there’s a grave difference between being able to construct a sentence and interpreting the true impression of a sentence. And that, my friends, is what makes a writer. At least, in my opinion.

So what are my plans with this blog? A question rhetoric in all it’s form, as well as directed towards myself, cannot be answered anytime soon. Or possibly not at all. There’s so much I want to express that at the end of the day, it may end up like the making of a quilt, passed throughout the world – interwoven with Indian henna designs, interlocked with unique engravings of South American pottery that are imprinted with Arabic calligraphy, and end with patterns from the runway of Marchesa’s Spring ’13 collection. Unfathomable, yes, but highly possible.

Before I bid adieu, let me allow the words of a wise stranger I met, whilst selling him a cologne at my job, linger until next time:

“Failures are successful people, that just quit.”


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