LA Trip – Day 1


So, this trip began as a thought that developed into an idea that instantly became reality. Myself and four other friends, including my sister, decided that we wanted to travel somewhere during spring break, be cost effective and yet enjoy some warm weather. So what better than the sunshine state of California?

This trip’s initial purpose was to 1) get away from the cold and snowy weather of the Midwest and 2) to also look at possible graduate school options. So with that in mind, we set out for a trip plan and itinerary – in which I happily remain in control of creating.

So, even though we decided to hit the West Coast for our week-long vacation, we knew that the best and most cost effective way to get there was to road trip! Yes, that’s full days drive but oh the places we saw! A 25 hour trip is a long recap, so here’s the condensed summary of a fun road trip halfway across America.

– Started on in good ole’ Missouri for a split second and then immediately dove into Kansas – fields galore with some spectacle of large windmills (oh, and tons of cows).
– (Finally!) Not so flat scenery of Colorado and the breath-taking, yet absolutely terrifying to drive through at night, Rocky Mountains.
– Utah… population, 5? Just kidding, but the emptiness was very serene and calming.
– A sliver of the Grand Canyons as we passed through Arizona for a nano second!
– As we approached a sea of lights, we drove right through the City of Sin
– And alas, California love!

First thing we did was stop in Ghost Town for some breakfast… I know, I know I questioned it as well. Stopped in a small town diner, Peggy’s 50’s Diner. Has a very Old Hollywood theme and our lovely waitress has been there since ’89! A lot of stars have been there; I even got the luxury of using the bathroom stall named after Audrey Hepburn #fancy. Cool place to eat but think of it as a lesser quality IHOP for a little more.

Check-in time at the hotel! No time to rest because we’re in Los Angeles and obviously this is the chance of a lifetime so yes, let’s go have lunch at In-N-Out Burger… (totally worth the hype, I’ve had it before and would continuously eat there throughout this trip)!

And now for some LA exploration… And where better to start that Hollywood? And we did just that… and it was as cliche as imaginable but totally worth it! Saw a lot of street performers, did some shopping and – the best part – did some people watching!

Now, back in the hotel, tired as the road trip is just starting to catch up with me. So excited for what tomorrow has in store! Something tells me I should get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow’s going to be a long day… 😉

Ciao for now!




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