LA Trip – Day 2

Day 2 in beautiful LA!

Now, I’m not one to easily accept, or promote, the idea of a strenuous workout nor an intense activity – but I did for my stay in LA. Of course it’s what you’re thinking: hiking up to the Hollywood Sign! And so I did just that. And let me tell you, it was totally worth every drop of sweat and unbalance in my feet on the tip of the mountain trail.

So, let me tell you how it started. Apparently, the way the trail to the Hollywood sign is set up is very misleading – actually it isn’t leading at all. Once you’re in Hollywood on the path for the trail, you come across a lot of ‘no access to Hollywood sign’ signs and traffic officers who seem to lead you astray. But, my girls and I are resilient so we found our way up to the sign… but mainly due to the help of the website cleverly titled:

It takes you step by step how to get there and what exactly to follow once you are there.

And so, the hike from the our car’s parking spot (amidst the lovely houses that are so elegantly draped in wild plants and flowers) was one so tedious, but the hike up to the actually sign is a long one. It’s an estimated 40 mins… pretty sure it took us near a good 2 hours. But I think it could have been because of the endless selfies at every angle on the mountain, but I can’t be sure.

Nonetheless, it was a fun work out and totally worth the view you get at the end. Even watched a girl jump the newly put fence and the security come rushing down to reprimand her – lucky her she got a way with just a warning though. I did expect to run into a Kardashian because, you know, Hollywood and all. I guess the guy that looked really similar to Seth Green is close enough, right?

All in all, great experience. Great early morning workout. And totally worth it while being in LA.

Ciao for now!





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