LA Trip – Day 3

Posting this a day late because I was completely drained last night from all of the day’s fun. But nonetheless, here’s a recap!

So, we decided to spend the morning at LA’s Original Farmers Market – and it was an amazing experience! Firstly, the market is located right next to the Grove so it’s just steps from an incredible clothes shopping experience as well. The Farmers Market is a pretty historic site and has been a part of LA since the 1930s.

My initial reaction once stepping into the market was, “wow, there’s so much going on here.” I made my way through the exotic fruit stands, speciality animal treats and custom made jewelry only to land into a sea of different food stands. There was definitely a lot to eat there. They also had a ton of souvenir shops as well. I had my first macaroon ever and I can say, I’ve officially been missing out on some good pastries! It was a lot sweeter, and softer, than I imagined and it looks like it may become a part of my daily morning chai routine – I know, I can’t be tamed now.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye a sushi place and I am a huge sushi lover so of course I had to go scope it out! Turns out, and thankfully, they’ve got an on hand live sushi bar and their sushi has hit the bar on my level of good sushi! Definitely a great little stand for a lot of sushi. They also had a Brazilian BBQ and bakeries galore all laid out in the indoor market.

The rest of my day consisted of planning a lovely day at the beach with the girls – just sun, waves, food and smiles. Well, all of that happened. Except the sun. We decided to go to Venice Beach, because yes, that’s the obvious choice, and it was just about 65 degrees there; when it was supposed to be 78 that day. Cool. But we thought, we won’t let that stop us. But after less than an hour of rather cold high waves, chasing our sun hats, and chasing seagulls away from our chips and then being chased by a bee, we called it a day. So we did a little board-walking. Actually, we did a lot of board-walking. We went up and down the Venice Beach board walk and a saw a lot of the local life. A lot of street performers, skate boarders and, well, a lot of hippies. It was such a sight to see and I would’ve stayed probably till the night if it wasn’t so cold – yes, I do live in the Midwest and I know 60 degree weather isn’t cold; but with a lot of wind and no jacket, it’s pretty cold.

We did stumble upon a really awesome movement called Water for the Americas which is basically trying to get people to think blue and pledge that water is a basic human right. A couple of guys were doing it, through their coffee company and were traveling from Boston, MA, made it to Los Angeles, CA and were on their way to Peru. How cool is that!
Check out their work on twitter/instagram:

Later on in the night, we went to Habibi Cafe. They have an awesome deal on Monday & Tuesdays for their hookahs: buy 2 for $20 instead of 1 for $17. So yes, we definitely took advantage of that. They also had the best chai latte I’ve ever tasted in my entire life so that was a huge thumbs up for me. Their hookah was also on point and probably one of the smoothest I’ve had in a while as well. They’ve got some good Mediterranean food which isn’t common for a lot of hookah places I’ve been to.

All in all, amazingly busy day filled with a lot of activity and even though I crashed once I got home, it was all totally worth it!

Ciao for now!IMG_7502







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