LA Trip – Day 5&6

Apologies for the late post! Finally have time to sit and recap my adventures!

So, these couple of days consisted of touring different cities and parts of California that are close to LA. And what better way that to start with the ‘suburbs’ of LA – Orange County? Definitely what you expect from a suburban environment: 1) clean clean clean. Not so LA-pollutionesque and the sky remains blue. 2) quiet. Like, über quiet to the point where it’s kind of scary. Like, where is the life? Oh wait it’s the ‘burbs. 3) old people. And a lot of them. Super nice and friendly. The keep well cut lawns. But boy do they walk slow on side walks. It’s definitely a nice place to live a chill lifestyle and plant flowers and oranges… If you like that sort of thing.

Moving on to a faster pace city: Santa Monica. Okay I have to throw it out there; I did NOT know Route 66 ended at the end of Santa Monica pier! What?! Yeah, mind equals blown. Anyway. Such a great place to be! The pacific looks amazingly clear and the waves were so high. Yes, the amount of seagulls were endless but they didn’t attack or steal any funnel cakes so it was definitely a good day. We ate at Bubba Gump’s Seafood place and I was extremely impressed. I’m a huge seafood fan and convinced that Maryland has the best seafood in America – (which it does don’t even try to argue with me on that; DMV does seafood, the end) BUT I’ve never given the west coast seafood a shot. So I did. And I’m so happy I got to try it because it was gooooood. And filling. Which of course I wanted for the set price point. And that restaurant is themed after Forest Gump! How cool! The significance of the end of Route 66 was made clear to us by a waitress through a trivia game: Forest Gump ran through America on this route and ended right on the pier! Yeah, how about that for your random movie fact of the night.

Ciao for now, folks!



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