LA Trip – Day 7

Last day in sunny California…

On the bright side, it ended amazingly in the city of San Diego. I decided to explore a little bit and just take some spontaneous action and it turned out better than I expected!

First things first, I have to acknowledge how captivating San Diego is. It just so happens that I was there on the warmest day of the week – putting the cherry on top of my spring break trip. San Diego is the ideal vacation spot – sun, beach, and more sun and beach. I stumbled across Pacific Beach and soaked up some sun there. Then, of course, took a stroll along the boardwalk.

I found a great sushi place called Wasabi Sushi right along Garnett Ave opposite of the beach – hands down one of the best sushi places I’ve ever tried. So so good. Definitely a great way to end a good day, and conclusion of a trip.

Now,I’ve been here a week and I already feel a part of the Cali culture. It’s such a great place to be and everyone I’ve met and come across has their own unique personality – and it’s so apparent. Thing about California, the LA surrounding area specifically, is that even though it’s a big city you can still enjoy the moment. You can look out into the ocean and just take it in. You can look at the palm trees and get mesmerized in their depth. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to admire nature and that’s a major perk with the West Coast.

Now, I don’t want to seem biased because it’s simple the City of Angels. I’ve spent the last four years in the Midwest and have truly enjoyed the people their and their hospitality. People can definitely have an impact on a place, especially if you don’t necessarily have a sight to see with it’s landscape. And I was born and raised on the East Coast and I’m very familiar with that lifestyle as well. The scenery is definitely a sight to see and it adds uniqueness to America as a whole – but I love the sun. All year round, really. And I think that’s why California holds a special place for me; it’s got just about everything. And then some more. 🙂

Update: Currently on my way back to Kansas City, MO on a 23 hour road trip. The adventure continues even though California is states away now.





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