A Letter to All Who Need It

An open letter I wrote about a year ago; seemed fitting to publish it. Maybe others can benefit from reading it, and I can also benefit from finally publishing some of my most personal writing pieces….

My dearest,

I want you to know that you deserve the world and all the treasures that it holds; and when the moment’s right you’ll understand that you are your own master. That nothing others can say will bring you down and that your happiness is worth the universe – with each star is captured, in your eyes. Don’t let yourself be consumed of others happiness buy risking your own. Don’t give up on your dreams because they are real, you just need to open your eyes. Remember, people in this world often come and go. Keep those that have your best interest at heart always by your side. Those that hurt you were never there for you in the first place and you are so much stronger than them. Live everyday with purpose and meaning but don’t forget to keep believing in yourself. Every pain and heartache has only bettered you, and given you better vision of the world. The happiness and despair of others shouldn’t bring you down and don’t let the others have full control of your happiness. Learn to say no and not be afraid of the consequences. Don’t be afraid to speak out against injustice done towards you; you are the protector of your soul and mind. Give yourself a break when you need it, and always forgive yourself. Let go of the insecurity and let yourself shine above all because your are important – there is no one like you.

One thought on “A Letter to All Who Need It

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  1. I always stress to myself that it’s important to respect yourself enough to walk away from that that no longer serves you or makes you better. I think it’s admirable when I see a woman walk into a room and knows who she is and has the confidence to not compare herself to anyone else. It’s not being arrogant, but rather knowing who you are:)

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