Every Time I Come Around – Poem

I use my poetry as a means of expressing myself, certain feelings and/or situations. It’s my method of releasing tension through words and the beauty that can be found through tragedy, sadness or any emotions better portrayed in poetry. So here’s a piece I’ve written recently that encompasses just that…

So adamant

In your persistence

So adamant

In your resistance

So loose with your words

So loose that it hurts

But not enough to feel pain

And every time

I’m back in town

Every time

You come around

You don’t want to want me

I want to want you

But your pride runs deep

And your actions are hollow

Even though you hate to hate me

But love to hurt me

With your words

Like a curse

That cuts me into a million happy pieces

And I know

You love to see me

But you’ll never show me

You’re my selfish token

That I hold onto



And I can’t say it hurts me

As much as before

What hurts more,

Is that you’d rather feel pain

Than let your guard down

So protected

So covered

With sharp edges

Of agony and pride

I wish you could be different

For you

And not me

I’m content with me

Contentment you can’t see

But are in need to be

To be free

Of the pain of feeling

From the pain of healing


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