Day Trip — Northern Emirates, UAE


Today, my immediate family and I decided to indulge in a little adventure and plan a day trip to the Northern Emirates in the UAE. We pre-planned the day before and to my surprise, we managed to leave by 7am and made our way north bound on the extended Maleha Rd. of Sharjah, UAE. First things first of course, a morning in Sharjah, or night quite frankly, isn’t completed without a stop for Chai Karak; a specially brewed chai that is well-known in Sharjah. Lucky for us, we’re living parallel to the best karak places in the entire country (you can quote me on that, I’ll take the burden). We stopped for a hefty supply of karak and made our way.

Driving in the ever changing scenery that was encompassed by the never-ending desert that is the UAE was absolutely breathtaking. Let me explain what I mean by this: one second we’re driving parallel to expansive villas, then the deep red colored sand dunes, canyons and mountains and eventually green and beach. All in the course of two hours.

And it was utterly worth it. It was as if we were being engulfed into the true, real and genuine beauty that is the UAE. Not the skyline of downtown Dubai or the man-made Palm Islands, but the actual country and the actual terrain. I loved every inch of it. There was a point were we decided to navigate unpaved roads and explore what’s hidden in the depths of the sand and history in which we came across the Sakamkam Fort in Fujeirah, UAE — presumably made in the 16th century with no knowledge of who actually built it and for what reason. What the internet will tell you though is that that fort was used for keeping the Brits out, a prison, an execution hall, wedding hall and city center. A little odd, huh. Definitely felt some interesting energy in that place amidst the mountains and surrounded by old clay buildings; but it may have just been me out of breath trying to climb it’s steep steps, who knows?

Now, let me tell you about the beaches. Oh, the beaches. If you’ve ever experienced the monotony and lameness that is Dubai beaches, they’ve got NOTHING on the beaches in the Northern Emirates. The shores are met with the Gulf of Oman along with the hugged mountains so the waves were intensely enormous. Okay, maybe not surfing enormous but vacationer-wanting a little fun-maybe it’d be a bit better with a boogie board- I’m still soaked huge waves. It was scenic as those waves crashed on shore, illuminating the ombré hues.

We ventured into the outskirts of Sharjah, Khor Fakkan, Fujeirah and Kalba. The air in these coastal cities was even different from that what you’d experience in the hustle and bustle of the city life, as you’d expect, and it was even drizzling a bit – it’s always a rare occasion when you see rain in the UAE. It’s safe to say there’s a beauty in the North that most expats don’t get exposed to and honestly, are really missing out.



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