Wild Flower




You will always be attracted to the girl

With the strong spirit, and fierce eyes

The one that runs with wolves

And as beautiful as the western wild sky


You will always like her

And want to hold her hand

While she leads you to her soul


But you can’t dance in the waves of her mind

And understand the complexity of her thoughts


The language of her love

Is in tongues

And translating complicates her


You will want to break down her barriers

And drink her in your favorite cup

But she’s not your cup of coffee

In the cold morning breeze


She’s whiskey straight from the bottle

Only mixed with time and patience

And she will lift you high

While she takes you down


You will always want to decode her

Keep a copy of the key to her heart

Mold it into your expectations of love

Forgetting she can never live up to them


You will always try

For a moment

Until you realize the effort it takes

To love her

And you move on to a simpler path


Without the quick sand and pot holes

Without the unpaved gravel and dirt


You’d rather not ruin your brand new boots

On unchartered territory

And so, you don’t

And you never look back


Because if you did

You’d see her moving in the wind

Controlling the trees around her

As they let the leaves fall to her rhythm


You’d see the sun encompass her silhouette

And liquefy her body with the sunset

Enlightening her inner spirit

As she smiles to the sky


You’d see the moon waiting to light her face

In the memory of the day

And peak of the night

Bringing balance to the dark and light


You will always go for the simpler path

Because holding strength is a gamble

You’ll never take

But always wonder if


The hurricane of her presence

Is a typhoon of emotions

A wild flower

Held together by the beauty of the pouring rain


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