Selflessly Selfish

A hazy mind on top of clouds of frustration.

Not of who or what, but my own self.

To allow the mind to spasm into:

Thoughtless thought process

Mindless mindfulness.

The biggest folly one can do

To undo oneself.

Let’s just stop time; for a time

To… unwind.

Stop thinking to rethink clearly

By unclearing one’s head.

Let go and allow oneself to starting saying no.

Let go and allow oneself for alone quality time.

Give devotion by devoting to your own self.

Happily declining all other requests of

Unfruitful endeavors.

Give up on giving in

Give less to what anchors you

Give more to what elevates you

Soul over selling out

Selfish over selfless

To not worry about backlash from outside voices.

To endure resentment from other forces.

To allow for confusion,

As long as it’s not internally stored.

Be mindful of happiness rather than contentment

And all of this, put simply, yearns for


Within the chaos of the mind.


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