& sometimes

Sometimes, you have to hold your own hand

& Remind yourself,

That it’s all going to be okay.


Sometimes, you have to close your eyes

& Focus on your heart beat, and remember

You’re still whole.


Sometimes, you need to catch your breath to remember

Your dreams are still alive.


It hurts to remember: you’re alone,

But it hurts more to be lonely.


So embrace the solitude, embrace the comfort of yourself.

Remember not to elevate others, at the expense of yourself.

Because that’s something that is yours always,

Even though you may forget sometimes.

But you are the beauty in your own life;

The constant in your own life.

Your best lover is you;

Your favorite face is yours.


& Sometimes you’ll wonder:

If anyone will come along to appreciate you.

But only for you to realize –

They don’t need to.


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