I’ve been waiting for the chance

To release

All that has been lingering

Inside my mind

Inside my thoughts

Inside my heart

But to release is to build


Of which I’m not courageous enough

For this adventure of the heart

You love me

I don’t love you.

You thought I did

I thought I did too.

It started in a daze of yearning

And ended in indifference

I, different

A year changes everything.

I don’t know how you’ve managed

To remain

Untouched, unchanged in growth

I, new to this world in just a year

But, I don’t know how to tell you

Your heart feels it

But mine lies directly to your eyes

I can’t control the emptiness

The void

When the heart wonders

No one can bring it back


You can’t make me happy

I’ve realized that

The same monotony that carries over

And over again

The world is endless

But possibilities with you are few

Every time we touch

I feel


Every time you look at me

I want to tell you so badly

How I feel

Who I am

What I am

And what you aren’t to me


But there are no words

That won’t cut your heart out

And leave it to whither and die

You’re attached to me

Like a parasite to its host

How do I tell you

I’m happier without you

I’m happier just me

I want to fly free


Like a bird in the beautiful tropic breeze

Like a soul unleashed.

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