Con Mi, Con Amor

Had I grasped you by the fingertips, oh, how I would hold you for a lifetime…

I would take your heart, and consume you with mine

If I could take back the anger and indifference

Maybe we could start anew


There are no ‘maybes’ or ‘ifs’

I can’t relive yesterday

You live in the moment, while I yearn for tomorrow

To bring life to today.

All we’ve had holds a void in my mind,

While my heart ponders the idea of you

Do I really want you? Do I know you?


Sad, and unfortunate, no.

But I want to, as much as the confusion often sets in, I crave your attention

And I crave your mind.

I miss your touch, more than I can handle.

And this is the part of me that I hide.

Behind the smile, behind the laugh and behind the jokes.

Because it hurts.

Because I’m hurt.

And scared to be vulnerable, to be at your will. And



I want to love freely and care passionately.

I want my heart to be with excitement and not ache with fear.

I want to be


Of emotions, and filled with passion.

I want to give my all, I want to be mine.

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