Hate Love

Spit the words like


And feed me the leftover


Left on the center of your lips

As the tip of your tongue

Bleeds the dreaded sound I thought I left behind


At the front door when I came through

And handed you

My hate on my sleeve

And slip into momentary release

When I closed my eyes to let you lead

Inside of,

My peace.

You danced your body to the sound of

My heart beat.

And I was at ease.


But you couldn’t stop the words from

Dripping out of you.

As you relaxed to the sound of your own mind

Back and forth, each time

You were in tune to us

And thought it best to speak

Of the colors I could never have imagined

As I took a deep breath


Let you in me, my thoughts

Until those words echo endlessly

Until I hear you when I breathe


And you hold my hand

As you whisper into my head

Words I try to forget


Sometimes I go back

And listen

To the sound of us

Embedded in my memories

Playing your voice repeatedly

Reminding me

To love myself.


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