I find myself at a loss for words. A recent air of clarity in a moment of intense changes. In scenery, in where I live, what I do – all things. Yet, to reflect, I find myself stumped. As if I’ve accepted all that comes as it came so I have nothing left to do but live it. I have no thoughts to think because there’s nothing to process. It all just is. As it should be – or better  yet, as it will be. It’s not contentment, but rather acceptness. And willingness to accept and enjoying all the world has to offer. When it’s offered. 

I take my steps without precaution nor regret. I breathe in deeply, and exhale the excess. I take in what I need, and disregard what doesn’t benefit me. I surround my aura with positivity and have released the tension of worry from within. I don’t try to control situations that I have not manifested and I am practicing to not let my manifestations take control over me. 

I write my words without the sorrow of yesterday , or anguish of the past. I speak, or I don’t. I listen, or I hear and disregard. 

All this, has led me to freedom of thought. 

And I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Or if I don’t have feelings to identify with it. Whether or not that’s a good or bad thing is relative. Or, just irrelevant. Because who am I expressing to, other than myself? Who is my audience and my critic? All is the same; not to be separated from who I am. And I realize it’s those separations that have caused previous discomfort in thought; and discomfort in feelings. 

To reflect is to try and understand, and to try and analyze suggests a disconnect. And when the world echoes in chaos, I must be able to make sense of what I possess. Me. 


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