Face Value 

It’s against our nature to 


Hurt another. 

So take the coldness, indifference and distance 

And strip it 

From feelings of your expectations. 

And let it manifest as it will. 

Face value. 

Pure intent. 

And nothing less. 

Let your love for another flow freely. 

And honor it endlessly. 

When all is said and done

Know that circumstances 

Falter, grow, change, alter 

To the better, for the better. 

And when he shows you his face

And gives it a name,

You have to believe in that gaze. 

Because people are bound to change. 

Whether it’s for your good, their bad. 

Situations change a persons outlook 

And you must learn to accept that. 

Then guy you know and think you ‘knew’ 

Is still there, living with a new perspective 

For his current adventure. 

So don’t be discouraged. 

Don’t say ‘he’s changed.’ 

Embrace the evolution. 

Nurture the connection. 

And allow it to breathe, organically. 

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