Skin, so paper thin

Covered in the words we spit out 

Painted in the pain we harbor 

And animosity towards another 

And when we shed, we hold on 

To that outer layer 

Identify with the tainted colors 

That we bled 

We hold onto 



We listen to the recording of our stories 

On repeat 

Till it’s all we speak. 

We walk towards the familiar 

With our heavy, bare feet 

And ignore what we don’t know.

We arrive at the same scenario 

And open our mouths with punches of defeat 

Consistant loop of our lives 

Playing the same tune 

And we can’t let it go 

To explore the unknown 

We don’t try to rebuild 

And plaster our skin with comforting words 

To speak on a rainy day. 

Because our minds are miles away 

From thoughts governed by impulse 

Actions controlled by fire 

And we scratch at it. 

An embedded itch. 

If we could just hold our skin 

And pull it away 

Let the raw flesh heal 

And start anew. 

Let the tears wash it dry 

Take in our flaws 

And nurture them

Love them 

And accept them 

To release the pain 

Let the words cure 

The blinded, selfish heart 

Let our path be unpaved 

Inspired by fresh, new eyes 

Leave the hurt aside 

And renew. 

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