Self-War: A Masterpiece

It’s been a while since we last spoke

And I met your gaze with the same


As before.

I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to meet you.
On this lonely, September night.

But I can’t stop thinking about our past,

And I can’t stop thinking where you’ve been.

Remember when we were inseparable?

Like twins.

But more.

Remember when you’d bring my soul serenity

With just a lift of your finger

Tapping my heart and releasing words of pure emotions, wrapped in our contemplations

Of the world.

Do you remember spending everyday together?

Engulfed in our thoughts and vision of the world

We’d paint the sky in luminosity

And move the wind in our direction.

We held hands for most of our lives and

Vowed to never let go.

And here I stand today.

Facing the mirror


Looking deeper, searching, screaming,

For you

To resurface.

Rejoin us,


Missing you.

The way we’d make art of our war.

Sketching our pain into,


Planting pencil drawn flowers on our bruises

Hiding away the pain in mesmerizing drawings

Of what we thought life would be

Mastering precision of following the heart beat.

And as I search deep down,

I look for recollections of it.

Somewhere, buried beneath, hoping to find it.

A slight reflection in the window

A small glance from the corner of my eye

A faint smile passing by

As I reminisce the museum of moments we created.


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