Too Easy

It’s easier to write words down

Feel their sound in your thoughts

As they roll off the tip of your mind

Onto your fingertips

Falling into these pen strokes

Forever marking this canvas

Of paper I fill.

With the thoughts

I’ll never grow

With the emotions

I’ll never show.

It’s easier to divert my eyes

Away from your gaze

Away from your look

Filled with honesty

Painted with vulnerability

Glistening with truth.

With the depth

I’ll never share

With the pain

I’ll never declare.

It’s easier to shut down feelings

With a skewed perception

Showing little to no care

Quieting the mind

Starving the conscious

Out of irrational fear.

With the silence

I’ll never speak

With the ignorance

I’ll never defeat.

It’s easier to express internally

Write it out on this paper

Fold it into tiny squares.

Hide it under my pillow

Lock it in my mind

And throw away the keys.

With the ferver

I’ll never give

With the love

I’ll never live.


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