Hard to get.

Hard to understand.

Hard to comprehend

How I envision the world

In a poetic manifestation

Of interactions

That just so happens

To touch our souls

And stumble upon our lives.


Hard to see how I paint the sky

In shades of black

So vivid to the eye

So lucid how I can imagine

How I can engross myself

In the moment

Fixated on it

Closing in on it’s grip

And holding on.


Hard to paint me

In your little box

That stays closed

Forever locked

Only a master key

Could let me be.


Hard to try and figure me out

When I am just light

Passing through

Your vortex

Undefined by lines

Or definitive sources.


Hard to let me be

Hard to leave me free

Leave me wild

As open as unpaved terrain

That’s soft with Spring’s rain.


And when you begin to feel

The beauty around you

The color of my spirit

Will wrap around your aura

Illuminate our universe

With pixels never seen before.


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