Nature’s Delight

Running through a forest of everlasting light and dreams

Trying to set free all that paces through my mind

In order to smell the colors

The trees breathe.


Illuminating, florescent light.


Painted with the notes of poetry

Written by the hands of my thoughts.


Out of breath

Out of mind

In my zone

Away from time.


Nurturing my surroundings

Encompassing my aura

With the little reminder the leaves speak

Telling me things about me.

Some forgotten

Some untold.


In the great willow is where they hold

The surprises of the depths of the river

That keeps me afloat as the days get dimmer

As my eyes begin to shimmer

With the light from the dream catcher.


Sparkling through the evenings delight

In harmony with the hummingbird’s flight.


Melodies pattern to fill the Earth

From the soil that the Mother cries

To paint all of her children’s smiles

And dance to the heartbeat of my eyes.


So vivid in the dark

Masked in immortal warmth.

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