Faces – An Open Letter

There are many faces we wear in order to be able to withstand certain situations, survive a circumstance or simply to save face. But. What happens when those many faces become permanent, and the face you’ve been saving has become so hidden, underneath all the façade and veiled emotions, that it almost becomes unrecognizable – or worse, hidden forever? Lost into the abyss as the colors change on the outer layer. And what’s painted over is glazed so thick, you’d never be able to uncover the raw and tender inner soul?

I’ve learned to hide myself so well that my walls are always up even when I have the chance to put them down. Even when I meet someone who potentially wants to explore my soul. And I just can’t let them. Who I am, me, at my purest state, in my rarest form is delicate. I feel a lot and I give a lot, emotionally. I become drawn to souls I’ve known for an instance and am determined to uncover them for a lifetime. The real me can look you in the eyes and bare it all, unconditionally. Because I want to, not because I feel I have to.

It’s a strange dichotomy I’ve presented myself in. And the only way to be true, be real, be authentic…is to: Let. It. Go. Let go of expectations, of the status quo and of the fear. The fear of showing yourself and being vulnerable. Being able to feel without repercussion. Let your eyes speak your thoughts, allow yourself to show emotion unapologetically. Because no one can take away your smile unless you let them.

You hold the master key and just because you leave the door open doesn’t mean you’ve let people walk all over you. Open the window to your soul and let the right steps tread past the door. But first, you must lift the mask. Slowly and surely. Open your soul and let the universe experience all that it is you have to offer.

To be continued…


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