Human Nature

Volatile. Selfish. Predictable.

Humans are driven by the singular desire to survive at all costs. It is this natural instinct that has prolonged our existence and has kept us at the top of the food chain. It is this instinct that has given us power and created the dominance in which we have claimed rulers of Mother Earth. Instinctual desire to win, to exist, to be.

And yet, we live in communities to continue our survival for our own personal gains. Stronger in groups, but motivated by an individual desire. We are all the same, in that we are not. We are together, in that we strive to be one and yet, none at the same time. We create our worlds based on the emotions governing our actions and the logic behind them. If I don’t die, I survive. In order to not die, I must be stronger, faster, smarter than all others. In this, only will I survive.

As we evolve, so do our wants and needs. We still need to survive but we want to survive in different ways. Through different mediums, experiences, pleasures and pains. We think, therefore we do. We are what we create ourselves to be. Uniquely distinguished, obsessively selfish. The self’s singular concern is internal – and by whatever means possible, the self will be fulfilled. Fulfillment is expressed in ways that only the self can experience and therefore solely driven to satisfy itself.

Lust, love, happiness, misery, enlightenment. All means of self fulfillment, all selfish to the core. Your lust will never belong to another, only mirrored. Your love can never be duplicated, only half-felt. Your happiness can never be shown through another’s eyes, only through your own viewpoint. Your enlightenment cannot shine on another, only inspire.

We will never live to seek another’s approval, but only for that self approval we seek in the validation. We do not do things to make other’s happy, but rather because we think we will be happy seeing them happy. Humans do not willfully give up their own dispositions for the wellbeing of others, or else, they wouldn’t survive.

All that we do, is selfish and unpredictable yet predictable. We do not go out of our way to seek survival but rather, always take the easy route. Because wit is a sign of evolution in the self. The more we are able to get our way, by any means possible, the more we survive, the more we thrive. We grow strength in the chains of limitation we break away from and we learn to skillfully maneuver around situations that do not keep us in the center spotlight. Because the universe is only one – yours. It belongs and encompasses you and your ability to live it.

The world watches as humans become volatile in their succession of power on Earth. The more we survive, the more the wants grow. With time, the wants are a reflection of the growing self enduring survival and learning how to continue to survive. We are not empathetic by nature, we are careless, cold, and clever. We do the necessary to fulfill our desires without the slight inclination of another nor intention to care for another. Human nature at its core is selfish because human’s are driven to only helping themselves.

We are not saints. We are not devils. But somewhere in between.


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