Cosmic Conversation

Cosmic noise, released from the sheet of stars

Above me and around

Surrounded by sounds

I can’t understand.


Translated to the language of pain

Talking in my ear at a pitch

I can’t comprehend.


Swirls of black encompass my vision

Til I’m staring in the mirror

Of outer space.


Mercury collides, and I am given life

A split heart and a split mind.


Constant conversation

Internal negotiations

Everyday debates with a different face.


Calm before the storm

Whispered into the air, floating towards

an Earthly energy.


Painting my constellation into the memory of the universe

Outlined by thoughts engraved in my mother tongue.

The mind speaks at speeds unthinkable.


Can’t fathom loneliness in my head

Can’t fathom wholesomeness in my hands.


Moving and spinning, twirling and dancing

By my breath’s motion

External command, guided by my own hands.


Cosmic noise, speak to me

Quickly and thoroughly

Tell me about the world

And all who inhabit it

Tell me about the creatures that occupy

The same space and time.


Pull me through the vortex

And show me how to stop the moments

Let go of my hand, watch me fall

Against all that I stood for

Empty and free.


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