Giving yourself that
Open air to breathe in
All that you’ve waited for
In hopes
To start fresh again

Opportunities arise
Like clouds
Forming in the sky
And I watch
As they float by
Into something new
Moving fast
Moving slow
Moving at just the right speed
For their wings to grow

And change like this
Is water for the soul
Refreshing the pulse of
Everyday endeavors
All day panic
Into all day pleasures
Monotony suffocating
Around your peace
Of mind
Of mine
The ability to create
The space to illustrate

Wanting more than before
Before wanting more
Cyclic cycle of a
“Growth Mindset”

Take it as a
Leap of Faith
Into the exciting ambiguity
From the known, well enough
To know, more than enough
Extending freely into a new world
All that is, change to come.


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