Questions to the Universe

When consciousness comes knocking
Who is it that answers?
Is it you,
Or the memory of who
You used to be?

When reality reflects itself on your space mirror
Who do you see?
What does it all reveal?

Can you breathe
When it takes over your skin
Alienates your illumination
Over the sun and stars

Do you know how to feel
When he comes down on you?
Like stone against concrete
Amidst the flowers that grow.

How do you know?
What consciousness is
Are you
Have you really ever felt it?

Let’s pretend it’s real
Your perception
Isn’t damnation
But wholly Earthly
Unholy and complete?

What if this was it?
All that you’ve imagined
Is just your imagination
And the two dimensional collapses
Further from the truth.

How do you deal with knowing that
You occupy two spaces
At the same time
All that you’ve lived
Could be a lie?

And when consciousness breaks down your doors
What will you start living for?

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