The center of mass that holds together
All of these thoughts
The friction between each beat pumped through
My arteries, flowing softly onto my fingertips
Creating presence amongst the present
In action, non-reactive

The body that holds this life together
Connected from limb to limb
Exhausting words into the air as I breathe them
Across my mind
Exhaled from my soul, into the universe
Dancing amongst the drums of this soil

The vehicle that steers existence into actualization
Determined by will, interlaced with destiny
Answering and obeying gravity and her whims,
Keeping the balance
While maintaining a free flow of energy
Reflected into this space continuum

The base of my universe
The poet of this orchestra that dictates
The melody of the words that move my days from hours
Into time, undefined and endless
The sole soul of the space occupied
In a world, at rhythm with me, where I rise.


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