Twenty Five 

How do I even begin to formulate my thoughts – it’s been sometime since I last collected them.

Let me take a moment to reflect on where I am. Now. Here and present.

Looking for the words that embody these emotions that have shaped to where I find myself. A lot harder than I thought.

Twenty-five years now and so much has changed – but nothing at all.

I’ve grown, I’ve collapsed, I’ve relapsed, I’ve forgotten, I’ve learned, I’ve accomplished and I’ve grown.

Still, it’s much the same – if anything, I’ve spent this quarter of a century trying to remember who I am. I’d say ‘discover:’ the widely proclaimed purpose of a twenty something.

But I don’t think ‘me’ is out there somewhere waiting to be found.

Over the years, the layers of culture and society and education and religion have shaped and molded me into a product worthy of societal acceptance.

All while forgetting, or rather, left me hidden behind those same layers.

But, over time, it has forced surfacing, questioning, all that comes to be: in life – and things still yet to be comprehended.

And here I am now: collecting these thoughts – not to make sense of them but to just enjoy their presence.

Redefine the temperance of existence but also is consistency.

In different forms, and how all that I’ve come to know is constantly changing.


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