I can’t help but think about it. The contemplation of missing out on what I know and where it’s going, while I lead the way. It’s the comfort that holds onto me, knowing damn well that I’m lazy enough to crave comfort but anxious enough to itch for spontaneity. I wouldn’t leave if the opportunity... Continue Reading →


Questions to the Universe

When consciousness comes knocking Who is it that answers? Is it you, Or the memory of who You used to be? When reality reflects itself on your space mirror Who do you see? What does it all reveal? Can you breathe When it takes over your skin Alienates your illumination Over the sun and stars... Continue Reading →


I begin with Errors unknown As I look for the path to take To lead me Anywhere. Going, coming, back and forth It’s all relative In this instance Having one too many Conflicting thoughts Heading somewhere For some time Let me stay awhile Occupy some, head space It doesn’t matter, in the end Moving forward... Continue Reading →


Questions unanswered, In an imbalance of Emotions Harnessed by daylight And let loose by the moon Understanding, misunderstood Anger, mismanaged The time taken to process Is never enough. The way the mind works Puzzlingly endless feelings With no outlet Expressing the imprint of the world’s Complex presence What a daunting presence. Nevertheless All the questions,... Continue Reading →


Painting thoughts onto a surface With a brush too wide And bristles too intricate. Words combined to string along Something too raw to process But long overdue. Overcome with overlapping pieces of Me, Waiting to breathe a complete Presence, In the absence of a pause Heavily impossible Unprecedentedly unreal. The pieces of this puzzle Reveal things, all... Continue Reading →

A Man Called “Time”

Grasping that idea of New. Trying to understand What it is, What defines The process to create Something new Original. Where is the line that marks Where the beginning begins And ends. It's all Relative. Isn't it? The idea of a continuum Outlined Prescribed And followed. Isn't it subjective? How can I mark time's passing... Continue Reading →


My thoughts Are circulating back To the thought Of you In a way, they’ve always been there Stayed the same Never grew Never diminished But rather, Hidden deep Into the realm of Mutual acceptance Of that present moment Being in the past It’s the feeling of Feeling-less emotions Shocking me at my core Realization of... Continue Reading →


Giving yourself that Open air to breathe in All that you’ve waited for In hopes To start fresh again Opportunities arise Like clouds Forming in the sky And I watch As they float by Into something new Moving fast Moving slow Moving at just the right speed For their wings to grow And change like... Continue Reading →

The Flow

I'm just flowing. On the surface of this planet And somehow, I manage To indulge in the pulses Of energy that gravitates Towards me. No matter where I'm going, It circles around Levitating me beyond the universe Into a remote galaxy Where I can look back Down, at the forces Charged with movement. No direction;... Continue Reading →

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