Sri Lankan Summer

Arrival I have arrived in Sri Lanka. Such a romantically green country. The first thing I noticed outside of the airplane window were the trees. The tall hanging among the short; the stout overburdening the plots of green. A chaotic view of so many trees accompanying the view of clouds as we began our descend.... Continue Reading →


Day Trip — Northern Emirates, UAE

Today, my immediate family and I decided to indulge in a little adventure and plan a day trip to the Northern Emirates in the UAE. We pre-planned the day before and to my surprise, we managed to leave by 7am and made our way north bound on the extended Maleha Rd. of Sharjah, UAE. First... Continue Reading →

Mémoire de San Francisco

Everything that begins inevitably must come to an end. And in the most cliché way, that couldn’t be further than the truth. I have only a few days left in San Francisco and I couldn’t be farther from happy to leave. This city excites me in the most particular way. The people speak their own... Continue Reading →

Reviving the Old, Creating the New

It's been over a year since I last posted. Effective blogger I've been, huh? So let's get back to it. No excuses this time and full dedication for maintaining consistency. What I've realized over the last year, other than time goes by extremely fast(!), is that there are so many moments that go by unnoticed... Continue Reading →

LA Trip – Day 7

Last day in sunny California... On the bright side, it ended amazingly in the city of San Diego. I decided to explore a little bit and just take some spontaneous action and it turned out better than I expected! First things first, I have to acknowledge how captivating San Diego is. It just so happens... Continue Reading →

LA Trip – Day 5&6

Apologies for the late post! Finally have time to sit and recap my adventures! So, these couple of days consisted of touring different cities and parts of California that are close to LA. And what better way that to start with the 'suburbs' of LA - Orange County? Definitely what you expect from a suburban... Continue Reading →

LA Trip – Day 2

Day 2 in beautiful LA! Now, I'm not one to easily accept, or promote, the idea of a strenuous workout nor an intense activity - but I did for my stay in LA. Of course it's what you're thinking: hiking up to the Hollywood Sign! And so I did just that. And let me tell... Continue Reading →

SPRING BREAK CALIFORNIA TRIP ~~ DAY 1 So, this trip began as a thought that developed into an idea that instantly became reality. Myself and four other friends, including my sister, decided that we wanted to travel somewhere during spring break, be cost effective and yet enjoy some warm weather. So what better than the... Continue Reading →

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